Choose a Hills District Sustainable Salon

And help to heal the earth!

Guess what? Your choice of hairdresser has an impact on the health of the world you live in.

Don’t believe us? You’d be surprised by what a positive impact a sustainable salon has on your planet.

Finnesse Hair is proud to be one of the only sustainable salons in the Hills District.

But what exactly does a sustainable salon do?

At Finnesse Hair, we take recycling to a new level

Let’s start by thinking about all the waste that is generated by a hair salon.

Yes, your hair looks divine with its carefully placed foils. Absolutely, your balayage is beguiling. But hair treatments like this use lots of product and lots of materials.

The hair industry is, unfortunately, responsible for a massive volume of foil wastage. And waste of any kind puts a strain on the earth.

That’s why we only use recyclable foil. It’s part of our contribution to reducing our impact on the environment.

We recycle all the metal containers in our salon too.

And we don’t pocket the money made from our recycling efforts.


The money is donated to not-for-profit community organisations that do a killer job helping humanity.

But what about all those shampoo and conditioner bottles we use?

They get recycled, of course!

They’re used to make things like outdoor furniture and sheeting for the NBN.

Chemicals get recycled too.

We kid you not.

They’re converted into water that gets used for construction and road works.

We play a role in mopping up oil spills

It’s true.

We take the hair that is cut and that drops onto the floor and give it to charitable organisations.

It gets used to soak up oil spills from ships into our oceans and onto our beaches. Hair that would otherwise go to waste can help the earth to recover from environmental catastrophes. Pretty cool right?

And when someone takes a bold step and cuts their long flowing locks off, in favour of a chic, short hairstyle? Well, we give the hair to charitable wig making services.

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Our hairdryers, straighteners and curling tools get a new lease on life

You might think there’s not a lot we can do with our tools when they reach the end of their life. But we’ve found a way to make a difference here too.

When our tools wear out, they’re broken down, and all the valuable parts are repurposed.

We use vegan-friendly hair and make-up products

No cute bunnies are harmed in the process of making you feel glamourous.

Our DeLorenzo hair products aren’t tested on animals. They’re not made of animal ingredients either. You can rest assured that these products are made from vegan-certified plant-based ingredients.

They’re also made locally in NSW. This means less fuel is used in getting them to us – which means fewer carbon emissions.

And as a bonus, the money made from the products stays in the local economy.

Our make-up and make-up brushes are also Australian made and vegan friendly.

Surely all these things make sustainable salons expensive?

Not at all.

We’ve partnered with SUSTAINABLE SALONS to make this all possible at an extremely affordable price point.

In fact, you’ll be charged a tiny fee for all this earth-loving goodness.

Just $2 on top of your regular bill.

Is it worth it?

We’re not radicals. We’re just doing our bit to make the world a better place.

It’s your planet too.

Sustainable Salons make a difference, and so can you.

By supporting a sustainable salon in the Hills District, you’re helping us to:

  • Divert 95% of the resources used during your service from landfill
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Contact Finnesse Hair today and let us work our (environmentally friendly) magic on you.

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