Don’t miss out on this Spring’s must-have hairstyles

Spring 2022 Hair Trends

When you think about Spring, you think about renewal. Flowers are blossoming like crazy, birds are singing, and the temperature is just right. 

In the same way, Spring is the perfect time to change up or refresh your current hairstyle.

Whether you want to wear your hair long, short, or somewhere in between, there’s a spring hair trend that will suit your lifestyle and your preferred look.

You’ll feel fabulous and flirty and look phenomenal once our Hills District hairstylists are finished transforming your hair.

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Short hairstyles for Spring to revitalise your hair

Going for the big chop can seem intimidating if you’ve always worn your hair long.

But most of our clients who’ve made a dramatic change find that moment of all that hair hitting the floor tremendously freeing.

It removes the damage and split ends your hair might have developed over winter.

And the best thing about hair is it grows back!

This Spring, short hair is back with a bang.

If you’re considering going short, you don’t have to be too scared.


Well, for starters, we’re not talking about army-style buzz cuts.

There’s been a movement away from short spiky hair to short hair with shape, sharp lines, texture, and some length in the front.

Lots of people are going for short haircuts that are short through the back, gradually getting longer as it moves to the front.

We can achieve this with a slight step or undercut at the back.

This gives dimension to your look. And the length at the front will frame your face perfectly, revealing your beautiful eyes and cheekbones.

You have the flexibility to play with the longer hair at the front and style it in different ways.

Wearing it to the side is a sure-fire winner.

You can also alternate looks.  

You can smooth it out for a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated result.

Or you can style it with some curls or a wave if you want something more playful and carefree.

We suggest using two products from the De Lorenzo Elements styling range:

  1. Sea Swell to give you some hold while styling.
  2. Sandstorm to finish your style with extra texture


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The right short haircut will make you feel feminine, chic, and sassy without a hint of masculinity.

And you’ll be in good company.

The list of A-list celebrities who’ve been bold enough to go short include:

  • Halle Berry
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Emily Watson (she’s come a long way from her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies)
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Keira Knightley

Our scissors are ready and waiting to give you that trendy haircut you’ve been yearning for.

Long hair you’ll love running your fingers through

If you’re a die-hard fan of long hair, you’ll be happy to see that there are some fantastic spring hair trends that even Rapunzel could rock.

But, if you’ve always worn your hair long (and Rapunzel can attest to this), there is one drawback…it can look and feel heavy.

And the last thing you want is heavy hair as the weather warms up.

So, what’s the solution?


Lots and lots of lovely layers.

We can give you some layers around the face, so you’re not hiding your exquisite features from the world.

And we can extend the layer through the back. This gives the illusion that you have long, thick hair but takes a load off your scalp. Gone are those headaches from weighty ponytails.

There are so many advantages to texturing your long locks with layers.

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Let’s tick them off:

  • Layers give your hair movement
  • Your hair will have lots of body and never look limp
  • You can still wear it in an up style for formal functions (and Spring is wedding season, formal season, and Spring Carnival at the races after all)
  • You can wear it dead straight or put waves and curls in it when you want a more playful appearance
  • You can still have that lusted-after big hair with height through the top and supermodel waves
  • You can wear your hair half up and half down
  • You can pull the sides back into a twist
  • Mess it up a bit, so it looks naturally impressive (no one will guess you’ve been at the hairdresser all day!)
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Perhaps our favourite trend in hair this Spring is flowers in the hair.

You can’t go wrong when you weave flowers through your hair.

Whether it’s a simple flourish of baby’s breath for a bit of boho chic or an array of bright blooms tucked behind your ear, flowers are a go-to accessory in hair this season.  

Little Miss In-between

Okay, so you don’t want to commit to super long hair, but you’re not ready to part with all your hair to achieve a short, edgy style.

We get it.

And there’s a lot to be said for keeping your hair somewhere in the middle, lengthwise.

If you want to wear your hair shoulder length or above this Spring, be aware that styles have evolved.

We’re moving away from the concave bob that has been all the rage for so long.

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And blunt edges are a bit of a no-no too.

Everything in mid-length hair is softer this season.

Consider an above-the-shoulder bob that’s all one length, with a slightly tucked, rounded edge to give it a smooth, finished look.

You might even shape it slightly at the nape to make your hair look lighter instead of being weighed down.

There are a few DeLorenzo products from the Elements Range we recommend for mid-length hair:

  • Densify can be used for root lift and body, making your hair look thicker.
  • Quicksand for a bit of grit and more root lift, giving your hair a little texture.
  • Vapour Mist to give you a soft hold or Granite for a longer lasting all-day hold.

Spring into action and get your hair sorted.

Spring hair colours?

Well, that’s a whole other subject. If you’re thinking of changing your hair colour this Spring, the best thing you can do is make an appointment and talk through your options with your hairdresser.

            We’ll help you select a colour that’s on trend, suitable for your skin tone, and safe to apply.

Sydney Hair Salon | Stylist Kellyville | Hairdresser Castle Hill | Balayage | Freehand | Autumn Winter 2022

Big event this Spring?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether your school formal is coming up, you’re going to your bestie’s wedding, or you’ve got a cocktail party you want to look your best at, we can pull a cohesive look together for you.

We can:

  • Create sublime up-styles to show off your gorgeous face and neck!
  • Put some function-lasting curl or wave into your hair, so you don’t have to worry about the big flop!
  • Get your make-up sorted. Yep. Our talented in-salon make-up artist can create a look to match your hair and make-up.

Bring us photos of your dress or formal outfit, and we’ll ensure everything goes together. You’ll be a showstopper.

But, bookings are essential, and our appointment slots are filling quickly. So, get on the phone and secure your hair and make-up session.

One more thing before we go…

As a little thank you for supporting Finnesse Hair, we want to let you in on a bit of a secret.

This October, Finesse Hair is giving you a free hair accessory kit when you purchase any two styling products from the Element range, whether you buy them in our Kellyville Salon or online.

See, using salon-quality products pays off!

Don’t delay; claim your free hair accessories before stock runs out.