And leave with luscious locks you’ll love

Salon hair treatments for healthy, strong and sleek hair

Hands up if you don’t get regular salon hair treatments.

Is it because:

  1. You think they’re a luxury item for the rich and famous or the latest influencer?
  2. You’re scared you can’t afford them?
  3. You don’t have time for them?
  4. You think investing money in yourself is vain and that wanting to look nice is superficial?
  5. You don’t know what they do? Or you don’t think they work?
  6. You believe they’re just a facade for hairdressers to get money from you?

We understand.

We really do.

We see clients every day who have similar thoughts.

But if you want your hair to be glossy, sleek, full of body, and healthy, a trim isn’t going to cut it.

You’re going to need to add hair treatments to your hair care routine.

After all, you probably drink water, exercise, eat sensibly, take any necessary medications, take vitamins, and make sure you get enough sleep to ensure the rest of your body is healthy.

You probably use moisturiser, and natural make-up products to ensure your skin is healthy.

You wouldn’t blink at spending money at the dentist to make sure your kids’ teeth are healthy. You’d invest thousands on braces if they needed them.

Why should your hair and your needs be any different?

When we feel good from head to toe, we feel different. We’re more confident, outgoing, optimistic, and happy.

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Are all hair treatments the same?

They all have the same aim, to repair your hair and maintain its health.

But no, they’re not all the same.

At Finnesse Hair, we’ll recommend the treatment that is best for your hair type, condition, and goals.

And this is one of the reasons that we suggest getting your hair treated in a salon rather than grabbing a cheap treatment off the supermarket shelves.

You need a professional to tell you what your hair needs. But we all have our own areas of expertise, right? And it’s unlikely that your local Coles of Woolworths worker has the knowledge needed to do this.

You also need trusted products with proven results to improve your hair. That’s why we use a variety of DeLorenzo products for hair treatments. They have one of the best reputations in the business. Which is why they’ve been around for a long time.

We have a number of treatments that we commonly use at our Hills District salon.

The 3-step Equilibrium Masque treatment

This treatment is from the Essential Treatment Range. But don’t confuse the word “essential” with cheap or basic.

This treatment has some serious pamper factor.

The Equilibrium Masque is a beautiful treatment that treats dehydration and nourishes your hair back to good health.

Before your treatment starts (no matter which one you experience), you’ll be offered a beverage from our menu of silver tip teas or a latte cappuccino.

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Once the treatment starts, we’ll:

1. Spray your hair with a magical mist of the Essential Treatments Oil Balance range. This will help to ensure your hair isn’t too oily or dry.

2. Shampoo your hair with the most suitable shampoo from our Prescriptive Solutions range. And there’s nothing better than having your hair shampooed by a hairdresser.

3. Give your hair a spritz of protein spray.

4. Place the right amount of the Equilibrium Masque on your hair.

And the best part is, this treatment includes a 20-minute scalp massage. It’s heavenly and it means you get some downtime where the stresses of the day simply melt away.

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The Prescriptive Shampoo and Essential Treatment ranges have the crucial ingredients needed to make your hair healthy, including:


  • Protein – Protein will make your hair strong and healthy
  • Moisture – Your hair’s moisture levels will be corrected to ensure that your hair looks good and is manageable.
  • Natural Oils – These oils seal your natural hair oils into your hair to protect it from the wear and tear it endures every day.
  • Ph Balance – The Ph balance of 4.5 to 5.5 maintains the hair so it is strong, flexible, and healthier in the long term.

The Novaplex treatment

This treatment is really good for people who regularly lighten their hair and style it with heated tools like hair straighteners, hairdryers, curling wands and heated brushes.

If this is you, you really need DeLorenzo’s Novaplex treatment.


Because, whilst it’s fun playing with your hair and changing up your look every day, heated tools, and certain hair colouring processes do damage your hair.

This doesn’t mean you need to have to stop being creative with your hair. It just means you need to look after it.

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The Novaplex treatment has been shown to:

  • Reduce breakage by 71% throughout the lightening process
  • Strengthen the bonds in the hair shaft
  • Reduce frizz and restore shine for prolonged manageability and for smoothness when styling

The beauty of this treatment is that it can be done as a standalone treatment or used throughout the process of your next colour or chemical service (e.g., keratin).

But a number of the products used are for professional use only. This means if you want to enjoy its benefits, you’ll have to book an appointment with one of the stylists in our Kellyville Salon.

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There are three steps and products used in this treatment:

Step 1. Bond Construct – It bonds your hair and protects it against damage.

Step 2. Novaplex Bond Restore – This step and product builds on and completes Step 1. It strengthens new bonds, re-balances the pH levels of the hair and smooths to seal the cuticle to provide long-lasting colour. This product leaves hair supremely nourished and hydrated.

Step 3. Novaplex Bond Defence – This step and product is designed to strengthen and care for your hair in between your salon treatments. This product can be used at home. All you need to do is follow the directions on the packaging once a week to nourish, repair, protect, and soften your hair.

When to treat yourself

If you’re thinking about changing your hair colour or style, a treatment is a great pre-step. Why?

Because a treatment plays an important role in restoring your hair before you make a big change.

If you’ve got a big event coming up (we’re looking at you brides-to-be), treatment will help your hair to look as radiant as you do on your big day.

And with the Summer months flying at us (where has the year gone!), it’s a fantastic idea to get your hair looking wonderful poolside.


To let you in on a little secret, right now is a great time to start taking good care of your hair. Because you could score yourself a lovely surprise if you purchase two home hair care products from the Prescriptive Solutions Range. You’ll get the chance to scratch and win a super special gift from us.

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Don’t look at treatments as an indulgence (although we promise it’s a luxurious experience)

Everybody’s hair needs regular treatments.

Invest in your hair’s health and you’ll become a more confident, buoyant, and happier version of yourself.

Believe it.

You’ll be walking out flicking your hair with the self-assurance that comes with taking care of yourself.