Hair styling accessories to take your hairstyle from meh to yeah!

Find out what’s trending in hair accessories.

Are you a victim of the mum bun?

Or maybe you depend on the quickly executed, practical but uninspiring ponytail.

We get it.

It’s hard to find the time to make your hair look catwalk ready every day.

And the truth is there’s nothing inherently wrong with these styles. In fact messy buns and ponytails are pretty on trend.

But with the latest hair styling accessories, you can quickly and easily elevate your style so you can walk your way through the day with confidence.

Hell, you might even strut down the street with a little bit of swagger.

Let’s take a look at some of the most in vogue hair accessories of the year.


Hair claw clips are making a comeback

The claw clip burst onto the hair scene in the 90s. But like all good things, this hair accessory is back baby.

And really, we’ve been relying on the faithful hair elastic for far too long. Don’t you think? Sure, they do the job but they don’t help you to make a style statement.

Our claw clips come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. We’ve got square and rectangular claws that offer a modern feel to this retro hair accessory.

We even have some pretty special, fancy claw clips. They’re perfect when you need to add a bit of wow factor.

You can coordinate them with any outfit and let your personality shine through.

They work for all hair types. Whether your locks are thick, thin or somewhere in between, this accessory is suitable for you.

If you love a good bun, you can use the eight-leg claw clip to create all sorts of buns. From sleek, to tousled to the classic claw clip twist.

But these clever little hair accessories can also be used to create interesting ponytails.

You can use them to loosely pull half your hair up and create a dreamy, soft style that can be worn day or night.

You can even twist one section of your hair back from your face and secure it with a smaller claw clip to create a really cute and playful look.

And the really wonderful part of using a claw clip, is that it takes no time at all to do your hair with them. And yet, it will help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Scrunch it up

Another 90s hair accessory that’s making a resurgence is the scrunchie.

And that’s good news for your hair.


You’ve probably witnessed what hair elastics can do to your hair.

When you take them out a good chunk of hair usually comes with them.

Scrunchies are kinder to your hair. They are much less likely to cause breakage. And they’re not as tight, which means you can say goodbye to hairstyle induced headaches.

Scrunchies are so much softer that they don’t leave a hair elastic sized kink in your hair when you take them out.

And of course, they’re more difficult to misplace, unlike hair elastics which seem to disappear into a deep blackhole, never to be seen again.

So how can you use them. You’re only limited by your imagination. Anything a hair elastic can do, a scrunchie can probably do better.

They come in such a huge range of colours, patterns and materials that you can choose the scrunchie that aligns with your fashion choices. There’re spotty ones, tie dye ones, fluffy ones, checked ones. There’re scrunchies with bows! They can be made from silk (these are really luxe), cotton, and satin.

All you have to do is choose the scrunchie or scrunchies that make your heart (and your hair) sing.

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Hair clips for grown ups

The majority of people believe that hair clips are just for kids. But that’s just not the case.

There are truly stunning hair clips available. And they’re definitely made with adults in mind.

If you’re like lots of us and have fly away bits of hair that simply won’t be tamed, a clip is the perfect solution.

Or perhaps you’re growing out a short style in favour of longer tresses. If so, you’ll be well acquainted with that awkward stage where you have annoying short bits of hair that get in your face. Clips will be a lifesaver for you.

Apart from being useful, hair clips are really pretty and help to finish off your overall look.

              Let out your inner child and get clipping.

Where to buy your hair accessories

At Finnesse Hair, we stock everything you need to take your hair from practical to phenomenal. You can purchase hair accessories from our Kellyville hairdressing salon. Alternately you can find them on our online shop…but be warned, hair accessory shopping can become addictive!

Have some fun with your hair and shop our range of accessories today.