Are you looking for a Covid safe hair and beauty salon?

Finnesse Hair’s Kellyville salon has you covered.

It’s time to celebrate!

We’re so excited to be able to welcome you back to Finnesse Hair’s covid safe hair and beauty salon.

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces. We’re even a little bit excited to see your grey hair and regrowth because we know just how to fix it.

We’re betting you can’t wait to be pampered.

The good news is, we’re excellent at pampering, and after a lengthy lockdown you deserve it.

However, we understand that many people are nervous about coming back out into the world again.

Covid has made us all quite nervous and cautious.

We want to reassure you that we’re going to great lengths to keep you as safe as we can.

So what are we doing to ensure our salon is Covid safe?

We’re not rushing into things

Sure we could open our doors on the 11th of October.

But we’re taking a short pause to make sure our team is up to date with the latest covid measures.

We’re going to spend three days retraining and re-educating all of our staff on our hygiene policies so that nothing is overlooked.

We’ll be throwing our doors open on the 14th of October 2021 and we’re expecting to be rushed off our feet.

So if you want your hair and beauty needs sorted sooner, rather than later, we urge you to make an appointment today.

We’re following the rules and the latest health advice

Unfortunately at this stage, we can only provide our hair and beauty services to people who are double vaccinated.

If you aren’t double vaccinated, we look forward to seeing you as soon as New South Wales hits 80% double vaccination rates (and the way things are going, it looks like we’ll get there pretty quickly).

We’re asking you to do a few things

Prior to your appointment, you’ll be sent a consultation form by email. Among other things, that form will ask you to provide proof of your vaccination status.

We know it’s a bit of a pain but trust us. Your appointment will run so much more smoothly if we have all the information we need up front.

We’re counting to five

We’re only allowed to have five of our beautiful clients in the salon at any one time. The number of staff we can have in the salon will also be limited.

We’re hoping that number will be increased as soon as we hit 80% vaccination rates. Our understanding is that once this happens all our staff can return and the one person to every four-square metre rule will apply.

That would mean we could have up to 16 clients in the salon at a time.

But until that happens, we have a plan!

Virtual hair and beauty consultations

Book a virtual consultation prior to your in-salon appointment.


This saves us lots of time in the salon and means we can open up more appointments for our clients.


When you participate in a Zoom consultation with one of our senior team members before your appointment, they can gain an understanding of what style you’re hoping to achieve. That means, when you walk in, we’re ready to rock and roll.

We’re making the appointment all about you

To help us manage social distancing requirements here at Finnesse Hair, we ask that you don’t bring any guests into the salon with you for your appointment. This includes children. We know that can be tough but we really want to maximise the number of clients we can attend to. So come alone and enjoy some uninterrupted “me time”.

We’re going cashless

There are so many germs and viruses passed on via cash exchanges. For this reason, as part of the health and safety measures we have put into place here at Finnesse Hair, we are no longer accepting cash payments in-salon.

For our clients that want to go cardless we will be introducing new payment methods for you.

We want to make your experience safe and hassle free.

We’re asking for autographs

Well not quite. But we do ask that when you arrive at the salon you wait to be brought through into a chair. You will then have the opportunity to digitally sign in.

If you find technology a bit overwhelming, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our team are always there to help if you require assistance.

We’re asking you to cover up

These days, wearing masks in public has become the norm. We’d love to see your smiling faces but to keep you and us safe, we’re asking you to wear a mask to your appointments. We’ll still be able to see the smile in your eyes when your hair has been restyled and coloured to perfection.

We’re keeping it clean

For your safety and ours we’ll ask you to use the sanitiser provided or wash your hands thoroughly on arrival.

There are signs about when and how to wash your hands for your convenience.

On top of this we’ll:

  • sanitise each and every hair and beauty station between every client visit
  • disinfect our shampoo basins after every use
  • regularly disinfect all door handles, light switches, sinks, taps, and all kitchen equipment

We’re not sharing

That sounds a bit harsh.

What we mean is we don’t want multiple people touching the same items as that increases risk.

So, please bring your own reading material if you’re a book worm. All our magazines have been taken away.

Alternately, we’re more than happy for you to connect to our Wi-Fi so you can use your phone or other devices.

But we’re not leaving all the hard work to you. We’ll be using single use disposable, eco towels and capes.

We’ll also serve all beverages in single use, disposable, recyclable cups.

We’re asking you to keep things to yourself

Coughing and sneezing obviously increases the risk of spreading Covid. To reduce this risk, if you do need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow and not your hands. We know this can be a tough one to remember, so we’ll have signs up to remind you.

Although you are probably bursting at the seams with excitement about finally getting your hair done, we urge you to stay home if you have any covid symptoms.

We can definitely reschedule your appointment so you won’t miss out.

Unfortunately, anyone who shows up at the salon with virus symptoms will be turned away.

We’re putting a lid on partying

Our team are being extremely proactive. They fully understand the risks that Covid presents and are taking many extra precautions outside of work in order to keep you safe. This includes limiting the amount that they are socialising.

Navigating life during a pandemic

You’re probably very used to and aware of a number of the precautions people are being asked to take.

Considering increasing concerns around COVID-19, we want to assure you that we, as a business and team, are taking every safety measure possible to ensure that you, and we, remain healthy at this time of uncertainty.

By doing this we can welcome you back to the salon.

Get ready to say goodbye to home haircuts and hello to professional styling.

We can’t wait to see you. Book an appointment today.

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