Professional hair tools are our hairdressers’ secret weapon

Get the low-down on how to achieve that “just been to the salon” look between hair appointments

There’s an old saying, “a tradesman is only as good as his tools.”

Finnesse Hair believes this is 100% accurate.

You really can’t achieve a professional hairstyle without professional hair tools.

We want you to be wowed by the results we can achieve. And it’s why, when you visit our Kellyville hair salon, you will see that we only use the best hair products.

Our brand of choice is Evy.


Because they achieve a look that’s a cut above the rest.

And, they have a tool for every hair need.

Whether you’re trying to pull off dead straight and silky-smooth hair, luscious curls, or something in between, Evy’s products have got you covered.

Let’s checkout the Evy range.

We’re sure you’ll be converted.


A brush with fame

Evy’s hair tools have earnt a bit of a cult following.

Those in the know will tell you that they have a brush for all your hair needs.

If you’ve got hair that ends up tangled and knotty no matter what you do, you can use Evy’s detangler brush to tame your locks. And it won’t hurt a bit.

We use the full range of Evy brushes in our salon because we think they’re truly special.

Really, where else are you going to find brushes infused with minerals and crystals to make your hair shiny and smooth? It’s luxury touches like these that we like to pamper our clients with.

Looking for vegan hair tools? Or would you like to know that your hair tools are environmentally friendly? Evy has hairbrushes that meet both criteria.

There’s a hot styling brush that allows you to create waves, curls, or straight hair with a minimum of fuss and effort.

And all their brushes feel great to use thanks to their ergonomic handles.

There are round brushes, paddle brushes, brushes that can handle the heat of a hairdryer.

            Like we said, there’s an Evy brush for every hair type and need.


Hairdryers that hydrate

Doing your hair shouldn’t be a weightlifting session.

There are so many hairdryers on the market that are super heavy to hold.

And that just means you’ll rush through styling your hair because it requires too much effort.

Evy has one of the lightest dryers on the market making styling a breeze and saving your biceps workout for the gym.

Their hairdryers also use minerals to ensure that your hair is hydrated.

That’s right.

You can use a hot hairdryer and hydrate your tresses at the same time. The wonders of technology hey?

And if you’ve got hair that refuses to be subdued, Evy has just the hairdryer for you. Aptly called The Boss, this hairdryer will succeed where others have let you down.


Straightening irons with luxury touches

So, we talked about brushes with crystals. Pretty luxurious right?

Well, when it comes to straightening irons, Evy has upped the ante.

They have straightening irons that have gold plates!

Yes, real gold!

And this isn’t just a nice touch.

The gold plates have a functional purpose. They ensure that these hairstyling tools glide across the hair without snagging.

And like other products in the Evy range, the straightening irons are designed to lock moisture into your hair rather than damaging it.


Our favourite product

It’s hard to pick just one professional hair product from such an extensive and amazing range.

But we do have a bit of a crush on the Evy Professional E-Curl Pro.


Well, there’s lots of reasons.

The E-Curl Pro doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry and crunchy. You know what we’re talking about. Instead, your hair will feel healthy, happy, and hydrated after use.

The E-Curl Pro also won’t wimp out on you.

How often have you left the house feeling fabulous, flicking your hair around because it looks so good, only to get home at the end of the day with sad, limp hair that’s lost all its style?

Say goodbye to hair that wilts over time. The E-Curl Pro creates styles that last. It’s kind of the Holy Grail of hairdressing.

Oh, and did we mention that it has five different attachments? You’re not hemmed into one hair style. So, you can create a look that suits your mood.

You get the drift. This is one hair styling tool that everyone should have in their beauty arsenal.

Where to experience the Evy touch

Just book an appointment at Finnesse Hair’s Kellyville salon and we’ll show you how these products triumph where others fail.