Don’t trust any old salon with your hair

Finnesse Hair’s hairdressers are balayage perfectionists

First things first.

Maybe you know what freehand balayage is.

Maybe you don’t.

So, before we dive into a deeper discussion, let’s start with an explanation of what balayage is and what it isn’t.

Balayage is a hair colouring technique with a difference.

If you were colouring your hair in the 80s, you’re probably familiar with the agony of having your hair pulled through tiny holes in streaking caps.

Our 90s girls will remember having foils put in their hair. There was the sectioning, application and wrapping in foil. You may even have had a bad experience with foils. Like leaving the salon with huge, thick stripes of colour that you couldn’t wait to grow out.

Well, the good news is hair colouring has come a long way.

Many of our clients who want to highlight their hair opt for freehand balayage or a combination of foiling techniques that provide a stunning effect.

Balayage is a method of putting highlights in your hair without streaking caps. Instead, your stylist will apply a series of colours straight onto your hair by hand: no more hair pulling and no more skunk-like looks.

You’ll get a beautiful blend of colours that looks soft, natural, and so, so pretty.

We’ll leave your natural hair colour or regrowth and start further away from the roots to create that perfect look.

Who can carry out the balayage technique?

Ok. So, you’re hooked on the idea of a balayage.

And we don’t blame you.

It’s a head-turning look that, when done correctly, highlights your face and plays up your natural beauty.

But before you run off to your nearest hair salon, exercise some caution.

Sydney Hair Salon | Stylist Kellyville | Hairdresser Castle Hill | Balayage | Freehand | Autumn Winter 2022

Whilst any hairdresser can technically carry out this technique, not all hairdressers should.

It’s a detailed process that takes hours and requires a great deal of skill.

That’s why, at Finnesse Hair, all our staff have had one-on-one training in this technique.

It’s worth asking your hairdresser if they’ve had training in the art of balayage. If you want to be doubly sure you’re in good hands, you might even ask them to show you examples of their work.

Another red flag to watch out for…a hairstylist who claims they can complete this look in an hour or two.

It just can’t be done this quickly.

Be prepared to settle into the chair for at least 4 to 5 hours. And enjoy the relaxing me-time that comes with it.  

Sydney Hair Salon | Stylist Kellyville | Hairdresser Castle Hill | Balayage | Freehand | Autumn Winter 2022

What to expect

If you’ve got dark brown or black hair and your hairstylist suggests you go for a mix of platinum and cool blondes, run for the hills.


Because changing your hair colour dramatically can cause devastating damage. Not to scare you but lightening your hair this much can lead to severe hair breakage.

 If you’re going for balayage, manage your expectations and work with the gorgeous hair colour you’ve been blessed with.

True balayage is meant to be a blend. And that blend should be made up of colours that are only a few shades lighter than your natural base colour.

Sydney Hair Salon | Stylist Kellyville | Hairdresser Castle Hill | Balayage | Freehand | Autumn Winter 2022

Balayage for all hair colours

Those of you who have naturally dark brown hair can achieve:

  • Natural dark brown hair to a warm brunette blended down to warm honey tones

Those of you with medium brown or mousy hair can expect:

  • A blend of crème blonde tones that look oh so natural
  • A blend of biscuit crème tones to cool through the ends

Do you have light brown hair? If so, we can achieve:

  • A blend of cool blondes or a variety of ash grey blend of blondes  

If you’re a sizzling redhead:

  • Go for a blend of shimmering copper blonde tones
Sydney Hair Salon | Stylist Kellyville | Hairdresser Castle Hill | Balayage | Freehand | Autumn Winter 2022

Maintaining your alluring balayage

There is a bit of a myth that balayage equals no maintenance.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The colour tones require some upkeep.

But it’s not ridiculously high maintenance.

It simply means you need to visit our Kellyville salon and get your stylist to do a root stretch in a blend of tones.

Using our Nova Fusion shampoos at home will also help to keep your balayage on point.

We can’t wait to help you with your balayage

If you’re a first-time “balayager”, we promise to guide you and give you a gorgeous blend of colours. We’ll show you what can be done and steer you away from any looks that might damage your luscious locks.

If you’ve been all over the balayage trend for a while, we can’t wait to maintain and refresh your blend.     

Wherever you are on your balayage journey, rest assured, Finnesse Hair’s hairstylists have the balayage technique down to a fine art.

Make an appointment with us today and get your balayage on!